Sunday, June 30, 2013

a little bit softer now

"This is just crazy, so crazy." After Hattie said it, she wished she hadn't. But she didn't know what to think when Timo told her about the letter when he got back to their room. "Why would your Dad keep it from you?"

Timo couldn't talk. He fell back against the pillow as he plopped on the bed. She watched from the computer chair by the old laptop.

Hattie looked at him, wondering what to do. What could she do?

"Caitlin says she'll translate it." He finally managed to say.

"Good." She of course had to be next to him, pushing his stringy hair out of his eyes as if he was after all, her baby. "Are you going to wait, until..after your parents leave?"

"No. I want to know now." He told her.

"Try not to be so bitter, about it. It won't do any good." She told him as she did her best to comfort him. That is if he'd actually let her.

"But..but what if I can't help it?" He looked as if he might be sick. She smelled cigarettes on his breath. It was faint. She didn't call it to his attention.

Hattie continued to play with the long bangs across his thin face. Honestly, she did feel sad for him. All she wanted to do was wrap her arms around him. Finally he let her.

"Its all going to be OK." She said softly. She wanted to believe it. She hoped everything was OK.


ellie said...

Hsttie is so sweet.

Lucy and Sarah said...

Hattie is a miracle worker..I sometimes, think.

ivy said...

I think they should just focus on the future..and each other.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Hattie is such a sweetheart. :)