Wednesday, June 12, 2013

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Timo stared at the new juicer. Did they really need this thing? Right now?

He had no idea how to run the thing. He wasn't even sure where the directions were. He'd just got it out of the box, and it was not on the kitchen counter.

Already, he was too timid to use it, and he knew if they didn't his Dad would give him crap about it. Evidently, Timo wasn't thankful enough, anyway...according to his Dad.

"Where's Hattie?" His Dad asked as if she should be guiding Timo through this new product.

"She's tired, dad." Timo looked away and hoped his dad didn't notice he rolled his eyes. "She went to lay down."

"You sure, she's all right?" His dad's look was stern.

"I can't do two things at once, Dad." Timo didn't mean to be mad, but it always seemed that way with him. His dad wanted him to be doing so much that usually, Timo ended up doing nothing.

"Oh." His Dad then pulled out a letter. "Forgot about this." He slapped it down on the counter.

Timo winced at the handwriting. It looked foreign to him. Actually, it was in German.

"Yeah, your Mom said I had to give it to you." He was gruff as if he'd soon throw it in the trash. It was a letter from Timo's real mom.

"When did you get this?" Timo wasn't sure if he should pick it up.

"Christmas." His Dad winced hard.

"Christmas?" Timo scoffed. He picked the white envelope up, and tore it open. It wasn't even a Christmas card, but a hand written letter in German.

"Well, I can't even read this." Timo knew he sounded like his Dad now. Here was his real mother's handwriting. She'd actually written it way back in October of last year, but it evidently took a while to find his parents. He blew a breath.

"What? Her handwriting couldn't be that bad." His Dad looked at the writing on the very thin paper.

"I don't read German. I haven't even heard German since I was three." Timo was instantly mad, but he was trying to keep his cool. He bit his bottom lip. His Dad never said a word about her. Timo didn't even remember what she looked like. All he could think of were those ugly nuns with their big hands pushing and pulling him about.

His throat tightened with a backlash of emotion he didn't even see coming. He stared at the letter. He knew Hattie would want him to write her back, to let her know she'd be a grandmother soon.


Sara Gerard said...

Poor Timo, so much to go through! But, I still think he has come a long way.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Poor Timo. :(

Cafe Fashionista said...

Poor Timo. :(