Saturday, June 1, 2013

Here's Dad

Hattie felt like a stuffed pig. There was no denying it, she could not make being pregnant beautiful, even if Timo thought so.

She was nervous, and here his Dad shows up with wine. WINE.

She wasn't sure she liked this. They were a loud group. She couldn't figure out who was more like his Dad. Timo or Gavin.

Oh, they were so happy and he'd already been drinking. The hard stuff. Whiskey, no less. It gave Hattie a scowl. She instantly did not like him.

That chubby man, felt her up when he gave her a hug.

She was horrified. Wasn't looking at Timo's father like looking into the future?

Well, he did have a nice head of hair. Thick. A never ending smile. But there was something just a little gypsy about him.

Hattie couldn't quite put her finger on it as she studied him in the livingroom with his boys.

Oh, they were chipper. Lots of laughs. She hadn't a clue what they were even going on about.

Now she could see why Timo was so fickle. He didn't want to be a drunk.

A part of her loved him more, but the rest of her was worried. Would this always be the way it would be when his family was around?


ellie said...

That was a shocker, but it is interesting how "customs" still exist. Yet, one wonders if history is just repeating itself too.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Yikes! Definitely not a fan of Timo's father. :/

Library Drama said...

That's a wakeup call!

Sara Gerard said...

She has every right to be worried!