Tuesday, July 2, 2013

a tale of two cities

Caitlin forgot a lot of German. The letter was frustrating. It didn't make sense. Really. She winced hard as she looked it over, again, in her room. The only thing she knew to do was call her Mom and hope she could read it accurate enough for her mother to comprehend.

Of course, her mother was so glad she called. She'd been moving stuff around so her brother could feel more at home in his new surroundings with his new leg. He had a friend coming to visit for the 4th. Her mother was excited. A girl he knew who was still a Marine would be at their house so she made sure the guest room was a five star hotel room.

"I am so tired." Her mother started. "And your father will never get it through his head that I can't do the things I used to do when we were younger. I can't believe he thought we could have gone sledding last February. Can you imagine? We might both need hip replacements by now." Naturally, she went on and on about her friends and all their aliments and surgery for a good fifteen minutes before Caitlin could get a word in edge-wise.

"Mom, I need your help." She finally said.

"Oh my God, are you pregnant?" Her mother gasped as if she might have a heart attack on the spot.

"It doesn't have a thing to do with me. And I'm not pregnant." Caitlin festered a frown as she set on her bed. She hated the idea of her mother reacting that way. As if she were barely 13 instead of almost in her mid twenties. "Its about Gavin's brother." Caitlin drew a breath since it might be a long winded tale that she tried her best to simplify. "Its a letter from Timo's German mother."

"Really?" Naturally, her mom said they needed to have a live chat about that.

Just what Caitlin needed. Timo meeting her mother on SKYPE.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Definitely a strange location for a meet-the-parents type of thing. :/

ivy said...

I hope this will work out for Timo.

ellie said...

I was hoping things would be better for her and her mom, these days.

Lucy and Sarah said...

Some things never change.

Sara Gerard said...

lol, so crazy! But at least some questions might get answered.