Sunday, August 25, 2013

making plans

It was a surprise. Practically the best news ever, and Randi wanted to celebrate.

"We have to have a party! We have too!" Randi had wanted a garage party all summer. And it was perfect timing, in spite of the humidity.

"It won't happen until next summer." Sami looked at her as if she didn't want to count her eggs before they hatched.

"But you've been accepted. They want you." Randi looked at her as if this was good news. Sami smiled weekly. Of course, she felt like a guinea pig from the get go ..going into education. She'd been in hands on classes since she was a Sophomore or so, helping with the special school. Later she got on as a paraprofessional.

What did any of this have to do with law school?

"Oh, don't look so grim." Randi rubbed Sami's shoulders before she went to check on ice cream cake, to see if it was thawed enough to cut.

Randi was in her trusty haulter dress. It was as if she could have her own little party, anytime she wanted and you were welcomed to join. She went to put the baby in the high chair and served her first.

Sami turned to watch, there in the kitchen doorway of Randi and Zeke's little home. These were the things she really wanted. But she knew this was an opportunity with the University, and she couldn't possibly give that up.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I just hope she does what makes her happy - even if it means giving up a great opportunity. :/

ellie said...

This is great news. I hope she'll take it.

Sara Gerard said...

I hope she takes it!