Caitlin & Megan have been friends most of high school. An unlikely pair. Caitlin is more of studious who tries hard to make the most with her education and can't wait for college. Megan has always had things so easily. She never had to study that hard. Always had the right boyfriend. Yet, somehow they've always managed to stay friends. Perhaps not the best of friends, but still they count on each other. So maybe they are best friends.

Craig: Megan's boyfriend for at least the last 4 years. She thought he was perfect. Perhaps he was a little to wonderful. Maybe he spoiled her. She wishes she knew. She wishes he was everything she thought he was. She wishes she'd thought about how he really was more. Megan wishes a lot of things lately about Craig in her life.

Zeke: Caitlin just met him yet. They meet on the first day at the cafeteria. He is quite smitten with her. They don't have any classes together, but they live in the same dorm, and they keep bumping into each other around campus. Could it be anything more than just friends? Caitlin's never had a boyfriend.

Smed: Megan has never been able to stand him. Really, she doesn't know him. She doesn't want to know him. She feels sure he is bad news, through and through. But somehow, he's always there. And seems to be having more fun than anyone else. She does remember him in high school, but she can't remember if he graduated or not. She doesn't remember him at graduation. She feels sure that she would because Smed is definitely someone you'd remember.

Really, Smed might be the lost boy. He's every-one's friend. And he looks like he's happy.. who hangs out with all sorts. But deep down, there has always been one girl he's thought of most of his days, and that was Caitlin. Unfortunately, she doesn't even know that he exists. He sat behind her in English, and not once did she turn around and see him there. And now she's moved away. Gone off to college. He's certain he'll never ever hear from her again. Sometimes, though, he enjoys this suffering. He's got nothing else better to do.
Sheila is Zeke's little sister who was involved with Alfie. She's Smed's half sister.
Alfie is a childhood friend of Natalie's. He lives with Smed and Sammi. He's been involved with Hattie before he met Sheila. He's now seeing Ricki's friend Liza.
Noel is Logan's brother who abandoned Randi and their baby.
Lyle is Sammi's ex who went into the Army.
Dung used to live at the house. He dated Megan. Later had a secret relationship with Caitlin, but he's moved on now.
Liza a mutual friend of Randi's that was introduced to Alfie.