Tuesday, August 4, 2020

where do we go from here

Megan looked over her floral calendar next to her desk to remind her when the rent was due again. How could they make it to the next month?

1. There was a pandemic.
2. Their mate Hope went home to take care of her ex and to help with his toddler son.
3. Both she and Caitlin were having a tough time at the moment with jobs and college credits.

She winced hard and bit the corner of her bottom lip in thought. Oh, how she hated finding a new mate for the flat. It was always so trying. Yes, good impressions were great but not always honest.

They'd lucked out with Hope but the girl before was a basket case leaving them all a little bitter during her stay.  "You win some, but not all," Megan mumbled to herself as she checked to see if there were any voice mail. There weren't. 

Of course, no one would be searching for a place to live right now. Everyone wanted to stay put. It was a trying time. Anxieties had possibly gotten the best of Megan who wouldn't even drink a beer with Caitlin who was always thirsty for alcohol these days.

Caitlin could plop herself down with a cold cider and veg in front of the TV. It was completely hopeless to get that girl in the mood to do anything these days.

Honestly, Megan needed her help, but at the moment all she could do was fuss with her wire-rimmed glasses and wait by her cell in hopes someone would need a room soon close to the uni.

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