Sunday, January 22, 2023

Become a simple fact


Nonnie looked over the kittens in the box at Roxanne's. They'd grown so much since she'd last seen them. She picked up the orange one and held it. It was so sweet and innocent.

"Do you think you'd want one," Roxanne asked. 

"I'd like to, but you know, it's kind of cramped where I live," she shrugged as she looked around at Rox's place. She noticed the whiskey on the kitchen counter. It was Maker's Mark.

"Oh, that's Pan's," Rox said about the liquor. "He has to have a couple of drinks every night." She explained he only put a little in his diet Coke. 

Nonnie didn't say anything, but of course she gave Weezer and earful when she got to his place.

"What if he's an alcoholic?" She blurted.

"Let's try not to think the worst," Weezer told her. "Maybe it was a Christmas gift."

"But..but he's so stingy. Making her order off the kid's menu and he orders a three-patty burger," Nonnie swelled a frown as she hugged herself. She reminded him about the night they all went out before New Year's.

"I'm sure she knows him better than either of us," Weezer said.

Nonnie shook her head. "She's so pretty, why is she with someone like him?"

Weezer only shrugged and went to put a game on the TV in his room. He plopped down on the bed as they got ready to play Fortnite. 

"He must be good in bed," she said after they'd played a round of the game. This cracked Weezer up.

"How would you know about stuff like that?"

Naturally, she was close-lipped after that.

"Is there something you want to tell me," He put the game on pause and looked over at her? She winced hard.

"I know what this is really about," Weezer looked at her. "You just don't think I would be good in bed." He smirked.

She only sighed. "I'm not ready to talk about this kind of stuff with you." Tears dripped down her face. "I'm sure you'll be perfect for someone, but that someone is not me."


  1. Oh, amazing chapter!!
    I want
    Thanks for sharing, have a nice week
    Kisses ♥♥♥

  2. Oh wow, that hit hard at the end.

  3. It's so sad to have to see someone's happiness from afar. I loved the chapter

  4. Wow, the gossip about Pan and Roxanne (more rhyming!) escalated pretty quickly! Then, when Nonnie said that Weezer would never want her and started crying, it's like, whoa, now what? It sounds like Nonnie has a traumatic past. I'm sure you'll gives us all the details, as you're the master of the backstory! And, of course, twists and turns. 😀

    What a cool and colorful collage! I love the yellow shirt, and thanks for including my tropical florals! I like how they're next to the shirt and also the rainbow checkerboard. 🌈💛🌺


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