Thursday, September 16, 2021

You and me

 Honestly, Rico was too sleepy to think, but here he was down at the pizzeria folding pizza boxes with Cyrus. He'd came over to hang out because Mario thought he should. "You don't have that many friends," he told him, but the fact remained it was Cyrus didn't have any friends.

"So you like your classes?" Cyrus sounded a little monotone as he kept folding away the nice crisp boxes.

"I dunno. I guess. I mean, everyone keeps to themselves, know, that's a plus," Rico said everyone masked up. It was hard to tell who anyone was.

"I never finished."

"What?" Rico looked at Cyrus wondering what he meant.

"High school."

Rico only nodded. "How old are you, anyway?"

"Pretty old actually," Cyrus was serious.

"Like how old, thirty-three?"

"I didn't say I was ancient." He put a box in its place. He made sure the stacks were nice and even of the fresh pizza boxes. "I'm twenty-four."

"Twenty-four and you didn't finish high school?" Rico couldn't imagine it. 

Cyrus let out a small sigh. "I just couldn't do it."

"Right." Rico nodded, hoping he didn't start something. 

"I don't like being around a lot of people. They have germs," Cyrus told him. "I like some people. I like doing things with people."

"Like what?" Rico practically winced, doubting now that Cyrus would ever go to the skating rink with him.

"Um, podcast. I really like talking." He smiled.


"I'm not really that funny." Cyrus went back to folding the boxes. Rico tried to keep up, but he could see Cyrus liked folding the boxes and seeing them all in their place ever so accurately.

"When we get this done, let's go play THE LAST OF US," Cyrus said he liked the original better than the second one.


  1. Oh to have friends in the time of pandemic, precious really.
    Cyrus should have more friends.


  2. Nico talk between Rico and Cryrus. It sounds like Cryrus might have the OCD.

  3. Uy genial fragmento te mando un beso

  4. interesting conversation of friends....

    # Have a nice day

  5. Rico and Cyrus conversation not bad!

  6. I feel for Cyrus. It's not easy to navigate the world when you have social anxiety issues. I hope that meeting Rico ends up being good for him.

    And yes, the line about 33 being ancient is gold.

    Thanks so much for your comments. I like how I always learn something. That's so cool how Roman Love is named after "some Jazz great from Omaha."! You make Nebraska sound magical. :)

  7. "I don't like being around a lot of people. They have germs,"
    Oh boy, Cyrus has a serious problem­čś»


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