Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Big phases and small spaces

 Jade honestly, didn't know when her luck had changed. Really it was all so crazy. First, a job at the coffee shop and now the basement apartment.

Honestly, it was no more than a dorm room that she'd be sharing with Mona. MONA OF ALL PEOPLE. Still, a bit to swallow, but at least she wouldn't be at her sister's. She would be on her own. Yet, she'd never hear the end of it from that brother-in-law of hers about how much she owed him.

"Great! This is just great!" She held on to Tristan so tight. She was practically crying into his tee shirt.

"Well, don't thank me," he didn't push her away at least but just let her go on holding him as if maybe he was her's after all. "It was all Nic. The guy's got clout."

"Um, yeah." She guessed. She looked around the open space. Nothing was here. No furniture. They were lucky to have a fridge and a real kitchen. Such a big open space.

Of course, Mona was being a bit indifferent. They had nothing. Well, of course, Mona had a bedroom suit, but she said it was too big for the place. 

"We can go thrifting," Nic told her.

"I want a good mattress," she informed him.

"Of course, you do."

Jade didn't know what to say. She'd be happy sleeping on the floor.

"Maybe..maybe your Mom could help," Tristan said out of the blue. Jade held on to him but looked up at him as if to wonder just what he was doing.

"Moms like to help girls get out on their own, don't they?" He looked a little goofy when he said it. Maybe he was not so good of a liar after all.

Honestly, Jade just wished she had him to sleep on. Some of her best naps lately were with him. Like the time she fell asleep while they were watching SNL. 

Mona gave him a perturbed look as if she might say, "Look, move in down here with Jade so I can be with Nic." But she didn't. It was as if it was settled. They could move in today. But Jade didn't think it could happen that soon.

"Well, let's get thrifting," Nic almost smirked. After all, he was their fearless leader who always had a budget. It was off to GOOD WILL and then THRIFT WORLD.


  1. I love this characters, they are so interesting
    and I love your writting style
    Thanks for sharing
    Kisses ♥

  2. love to read dialogues.... interesting

  3. Uy genial fragmento te mando un beso. Citu

  4. Ooh I wonder what they'll find thrifting. I love browsing through thrift stores.

    Hope you are doing well!

  5. It's always a great read, it's great to follow your stories! Hugs, Raquel

  6. Hola! un capítulo muy interesante, me gusta mucho como escribes. Besos

  7. Love the new Jade! And what she's thinking here is so sweet: '"Honestly, Jade just wished she had him to sleep on. Some of her best naps lately were with him. Like the time she fell asleep while they were watching SNL." ' I just hope she isn't disappointed . . .

    The bag and the rings in the collage are so cool! You always find the best stuff. 👛🌈

    1. Thanks so much! Yes, I like this Jade too ❤️❤️❤️Thanks for noticing!


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