Monday, August 15, 2022

It's the little things that do matter

 "Well, I dunno if they should live here," It wasn't that Tristan was having second thoughts about anything. Hadn't Nic thought of the logistics of this? "Five people using one just too much."

Besides, he had gas a lot with these new medications. Yes, running helped some, but still, a man needed his own room to fart in.

"Those girls need to be in the dorm, or I dunno, maybe they could find a place in the building."

Nic sighed as if it were a little late for that. 

"I say we just get another guy in here and call it even," Tristan nodded as if that was a fact.

"I just wish, it could be different." Nic winced as he went on with washing the dishes and Tristan dried them.

"You are just trying to please everyone. That's why you want Mona to move in. Just so you can please her." Yes, it had been on his mind. It was true Nic was too nice for his own good.

"You think?" He squinted even harder. He nursed his bottom lip. Tristan went back to putting dishes away. "Cat is being a no-show. I mean, I can't even get in touch with her."

"See, we are worried about nothing," Tristan told him. "It's not us. It's her."

Nic sighed once more as if he didn't want to talk about it, but Tristan wasn't letting up.

"I don't mind having Jade around. I just don't want to sleep with her and I don't think you want to sleep with Mona either." Tristan told him.

"What do you mean? We should..the two of us?"

Tristan laughed at him as if that was the funniest line he'd ever heard. Oh, he hadn't had such a good laugh in ages. "God, no. I like my own room. I'm not sharing my room."

Nic nodded. 

"We get rid of the Cat person." Tristan was straight-lipped. "Did she even pay rent?"


"See. She needs to go. This is very important real estate." Tristan pulled out his phone from his back pocket. "I know you're worried about Mona." Honestly, he didn't know why he said that because he didn't think anything romantic was going on, yet she was a fussy person. Why did Nic want to be around somebody so fussy? 

Tristan showed him, that there was a studio apartment available in the basement of the building. "Maybe Mona and Jade could share."

"Oh." Nic looked into what was on Tristan's phone. He went to make the call as if he might be an insider of sorts.

Tristan just smiled. Maybe he was, but seriously he thought Nic was multi-tasking way too much.


  1. Little things always matter :)

  2. Interesting -Christine

  3. Hmm... interesting. This is getting complicated! And timely too, with back to college approaching and everyone looking (well, hopefully has already found lol) living arrangements,.

    Hope you had a nice weekend :)

  4. I like Nic in this chapter. Have a nice day my dear

  5. Bem interessante, gostei de ler :))

  6. Five people and one bathroom is definitely a problem! Especially considering this: "Yes, running helped some, but still, a man needed his own room to fart in." You're hilarious! As if Tristan didn't have enough troubles. I really thought something was brewing between him and Jade, but now it seems more like he's destined for Nic. We shall see!

    Cute smiley face jeans in the collage! 😀👖


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