Sunday, November 27, 2022

Thinking of Thanksgiving

 It was a bit of an unexpected surprise to have a mystery guest for Thanksgiving, but Cam felt as if it were more of an early Christmas present when he met Ali's mother, Louisa. 

Liv asked her to come. After all, Ali was at Diago's. She'd told him that his mom was all alone. And it was cold. Of course, she brought a cranberry salad and Cam thought it was delicious. 

It was a nice Thanksgiving table with Liv's parents, along with Mario and Bren and of course, Liv and Rico.

Ali's mom worked at the DMV. She'd been there quite a lot with Ali. She made herself sound so old, but he knew she wasn't. Yet, he could sense the feeling. She felt as if she'd been stranded, maybe even lost at times.

"But you must have lots of friends from working at the DMV," he'd said while the dinner was practically done and everyone was so full to even think of pie.

"Oh, I get an earful," she told him about those who worked on staff. "People getting together, breaking up, you know how it is."

Cam guessed he did, but it had been so long since he actually met someone. Especially, since he'd been sick, but he was clear of that now even if it worried Caitlin too much.

Of course, she and Deano stayed home with the baby. They didn't want to bundle up and come to Thanksgiving. There was worry that Hannah might get sick so Liv and Rico had taken Thanksgiving dinner to them early on. Yes, it would have been nice to have the baby at his house, but it was even nicer to meet Louisa and he hoped he would see her again.

Tristan visited his parents the day after Thanksgiving. He did bring some fruit because he knew his mother didn't like sweets in the house. It was a long time coming. Yet, he knew they were a bit fickle even if they wouldn't say it. 

There was that gloom that he could never make up with Liv. Of course, there were months of the thought, "Why should I? What did she ever do with me?" It clung on to him like a wet blanket. Yet at the moment he thought his apology would be genuine. That is, if he ever saw her again. 

It was this kind of trouble that kept him from moving forward. He guessed. And as much as he envied who Jade was with, he still was glad she'd found someone so attentive. Still, he never really liked Arizona. Yes, he'd met him once or twice. Something about him spelled trouble. Tristan wanted to be wrong about him.

"What's on your mind?" His mother asked.

"Not a lot," he told her he had been studying and writing papers and there was also his work at the zoo. "I do see dad from time to time, but he never says a thing to me."

"Oh, you two are a lot alike," she told him over hot milk tea. 

He smiled when she said that, but he didn't think so.

"You two have your pride," she sighed. "I'm just here to be a peacekeeper." She went on to say she knew if he was bitter with them that she understood.

Tristan didn't want to go there. 

"It would be nice if you could find some sort of peace with your sister," his mother didn't think she would ever move back home. "She seems frightened of us."

There were tears in his mother's eyes. 

"Did we really abandon her for you?" She looked him in the eye then, but Tristan didn't have an answer for her.


  1. Oh that's nice for Louisa. Tough conversation for Tristan though- I hope his sister can reconcile with the parents though, depending on whathappened there...

  2. These special dates bring some sad thoughts

  3. Uy me conmovió. Te mando un beso.

  4. As always a great and interesting post!
    Greetings from Poland!

  5. Conversa difícil no final.
    Beijos! :)

  6. It looks like something may be happening between Cam and Louisa! That was a sweet surprise. Every DMV lifer deserves some romance. I also liked that Tristan went to visit his mom. It was a little painful, especially the part about Liv, but an important step. 😀💖🥗


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