Thursday, January 26, 2023

Let there be a storm


The wind was kicking in, but it wasn't snowing like the weatherman said. OK, a chunk of ice might hit you in the head, but still nothing to get too dramatic about. Jade looked out the store window. She couldn't decide whether to call Ari or not. She didn't want to.

"Why don't you just call him?" Rox looked over her shoulder and saw that she was looking at Ari's number. "Then we can both go home."

No one was coming. The owner even said they could close. Mona was home with a sore throat. Hopefully, it wasn't more than that.

Jade kept a straight lip as if she'd have none of it. 

"You haven't called Pan?" Jade looked over her shoulder. Rox only gave her a sigh as if that would be a lost cause. 

"He's doing good enough to get home in that old rusted can of his," Rox practically rolled her eyes.

"We could call Uber," Jade smirked.

"That might take hours or they might not come at all in this storm," Rox hugged herself. Jade only nodded and then direct-dialed Ari as if she'd be an idiot if she didn't.

Of course, he was there in just a few minutes with a warm car and a bag of burgers and fries from MacDonald's.

"Oh, you shouldn't have," naturally Rox wavered toward the food as soon as she got in the backseat. She took the milkshake with gratitude. She said she loved a good vanilla milkshake and couldn't remember the last time she had one.

Jade, of course, said nothing and was indifferent as she could be. Although, the heat was nice, and damn if that smile of his was so inviting. But she wouldn't dare let him know.

"I hear Mona's sick," Ari said on the way. All Jade could do was shrug her shoulders in her puffer.

"I don't think it's COVID," Rox just said as she was already eating the BIG MAC. "Or Jade might be sick too."

Jade didn't let on she was sleeping most nights at Ari's now. She just didn't want to admit it and at least Rox hadn't brought it up. 

"So how are those kittens?" Ari wanted to know as they were almost to the complex.

"Oh, they are growing like little monsters," Rox said their claws were so sharp. "But I might give one away."

"Really?" Ari sounded so encouraging.

"Yeah, I know Nonnie wants one, it's just she won't let herself ever be happy. I don't understand her at all." Rox told him.

Jade practically frowned. Somehow she could relate to Nonnie even if she didn't know her problems.


  1. Great post,...
    Passei para desejar um excelente fim-de-semana!
    Espero por ti em:

  2. difficult to help if we don't know the problems....
    nice story

  3. I'm feeling for Jade here. So much happening. Although a bag of McDonalds is a nice treat :):)

  4. Uy pobre Jade. Te mando un beso

  5. Os gatinhos estão crescendo, que fofo!
    Um abraço! 😘

  6. Burgers and fries from McDonalds always help to solve problems.

  7. Nothing like a whiteout to stir up some drama! I love this line: "OK, a chunk of ice might hit you in the head, but still nothing to get too dramatic about." Not only is it hilarious, but it and also foreshadows Jade's doubts about Ari. Nice! I just hope that Jade figures out what she wants . . . because it doesn't seem like it's spending every night at her new beau's.

    Speaking of cold, 9° where you are?! Oh my! I hope you're keeping safe and warm with lots of crochet projects and treats. 🧶⛄🍰🏡☕


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