Saturday, January 28, 2023

like a white-out in your soul


Nonnie slit the leggings in the crotch and wore them as sleeves under her Pizza uniform tee, but as the night had ended she put them back on as leggings under the shorts she'd worn during work.

"God, you're a genius," Ali looked at her.

"What?" Nonnie was like a doe waiting to be run over, perhaps.

Ali only smiled more. Of course, she was being all blond and perky. "What other tricks you got?"

"Um," Nonnie shook her head, no. She pressed her lips tight. For a moment she bet Weezer didn't show up, but she could probably catch a ride with Diago and Ali. Of course, she imagined just staying here for the night, because really she didn't have a place to go. All her belonging were in her backpack. She'd been told to move since the rent was going up.

Just as the snow was starting to be at warp speed, Weezer pulled into the parking lot. She wished she knew what to tell him.

"You need to write a book or something," Ali slapped her on the back. "You could give me some insight on how to survive on a part-time job."

Nonnie kind of laughed, but her chest ached just a bit as if she might be having a little heart attack. Suddenly, she shivered as if she wasn't sure about anything. She smoothed down her hair and pressed her dry lips a little more.

"I really wished I had gotten you a Christmas present," Ali said as they were getting their coats together and waiting for that last second to happen before they closed. "But..but I just don't know what you like."

"That's OK, I didn't really do much for Christmas anyway." She hoped that didn't sound too sad or harsh. "I-I really didn't need anything."

She saw them off then. Finally, she locked up and got to Weezer who was waiting in the car. 

"Let's just go back to your place," she told him. "I mean, I hate for you to drive me out in this storm. I could just sleep on the couch."

"Sure." He was quiet as if he was afraid to say anything to her. It was then she felt so parched. Her throat felt as if it were cut in two. She couldn't say anything either. This was all she needed, to lose him as a friend. 


  1. Oh, so sad!! Waiting for the next chapter!!! :)

  2. I love reusing a piece for more than one way to wear it. The feeling of losing a friend is sad.

  3. Nonnie's multi-use of leggings is genius.


  4. Neat idea to slit leggings like that!

  5. Maybe those two are giving each other second chances. Hopefully(✿◡‿◡)

  6. Hola me ha gustado... quiero saber que más pasa...Saludos

  7. Other amazing chapter!
    I want know more soon
    Thanks for sharing ♥

  8. E' sempre un momento di piacevole relax quando arrivo qui. I capitoli sempre impeccabili, mi dispiace di non poter essere presente per leggerli tutti, quindi a volte perdo un pò il filo del discorso. Un abbraccio Ellie ed un buon fine settimana

  9. Way to use the leggings! :) And I hope Nonnie finds a place...

  10. Uy te da pena como acabo el capitulo. Te mando un beso.

  11. Nonnie's problems got real fast! Here she is dealing with homelessness, and Ali's saying she should write a book about surviving a food service job. No wonder Nonnie has a panic attack, or at the very least, anxiety: "Nonnie kind of laughed, but her chest ached just a bit as if she might be having a little heart attack." So when Weezer brings her home, it's like a godsend. Maybe Nonnie will let herself love him now . . .

    Thanks so much for including my barrettes in your collage -- especially the "Shady Pines" one! It's the theme -- meme? -- that keeps on giving. Also, I love Weezer's AIRWALK tee. 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀


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