Monday, January 30, 2023

Silence that isn't awkward

 Oh course, Pan was famished and was all smiles when she got home with a Big Mac, fries and a milkshake just for him.

"What is he? An angel or something?" True, neither had ever had a friend like Ari. Naturally, they both wondered what he wanted from them.

"Maybe..maybe..he's just a nice guy," Rox said about him. She would hate to bring up the fact that Ari might feel sorry for them. 

Really, they did need to handle their money better. But it had not helped that Pan accidentally paid off the credit card and their bank account went under. He was forbidden to go on Amazon now. If she played her cards right with her mom she would be going to the grocery store with her and they could at least get milk and eggs. 

Thankfully, he'd done all his smoking in the car on the drive home. He said it was too cold to go out again. It wasn't long after the fast food, he headed for bed.

But Rox felt a little wired. She didn't know why. Maybe it was because she hadn't heard from her friend in Pennsylvania since Christmas. Rox looked back through the TEXT on her phone, but found nothing and was really too tired to even think what she could message to her. No way did she want a drunken phone call from her this late.

And then a knock came on her door. Rox couldn't imagine who it might be. It was after eleven. She opened the door with just a crack with the chain up. It was little Nonnie. She looked completely exhausted, but those big eyes were ever so serious.

"Do you need a kitten fix?" Rox smiled.

"I guess." Her voice was quiet and they went to the box to see the warm mess of babies nursing on their momma.

"I don't want to disturb them," Nonnie said.

"Oh, she's not gonna mind. Believe me, they are completely pacified," Rox said as she reached for the one that Nonnie loved. "Here you go."

The kitten came out crying, but was used to Nonnie's smell and attached itself to her hoodie.

"I can't go home," Nonnie said. "And..and I don't know how to tell Weezer-"

"You know he understands you," Rox said. "You wouldn't have to say much."

"I know, but..but I..I shouldn't..I just don't want-"

"Stop this shit," Rox said barely above a whisper. "Just let it go. Whatever it is. We all make bad decisions. Nobody's perfect. We can't have perfect lives. But I know, the hardest thing is to forgive yourself. As soon as you can do that, you can go on. Just don't look back. Keep going. Just think of the good things that will come. If you'll just let it."

Nonnie was crying. 

"Give this kitten a good home. I'm counting on you and Weezer." Rox told her. 


  1. I'm glad Roxanne is reaching out to Nonnie.

  2. Uy que lindos cuidando al gatito. Te mando un beso.

  3. Your story telling is very engaging dear Ellie
    I enjoyed lively and profound characters. Last para is truly beautiful.
    Keep up the good job dear friend

  4. I'm agree with Rox, anyone is perfect and that is amazing because our imperfections make us different and human
    Thanks for sharing this nice chapter
    Kisses ♥

  5. "forbiddden to go on Amazon"

    Aw... Rox just gave Nonnie some good advice. Very moving. And a kitty.

  6. Wow, tough love from Rox! It's warranted, though. It shows that she believes in Nonnie. I hope that the new kitten helps her open up to Weezer. And that Pan gets himself together. Sheesh, banned from Amazon! 😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸😸


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