Thursday, November 24, 2022

What is it about Thanksgiving?


Tristan wasn't sure what he was expecting. Yes, there had been more than a couple of days that went by that he hadn't heard a thing from Jade. After all, he was busy at the zoo and of course, there was plenty of studying to do along with a load of papers to write. 

What had he gotten himself into? He didn't even know what day it was. Was it Thanksgiving? Of course, Nic was in the kitchen busy and Mona was right there behind him, teasing, laughing, and even kissing.

He looked at them as if they were dumb and possibly there was no way to bother them. Before he knew it, Nonnie showed up.

"What are you doing here?" He hadn't remembered inviting her. Tristan looked at her blankly but she passed right by him and went straight to Weezer. Oh, they smiled at each other as if they might be more than friends.

When did that happen, he thought. For a moment, he might as well be a ghost. No one seemed to know he was here, but he munched on a piece of celery anyway. Perhaps, he was a tad underdressed for the day, just in an old tee and his jogging pants and jacket. He did not dress to impress. He was just in his slip-ons. From a distance, he watched Nonnie and Weezer on the couch laughing as they watched the dog show on TV.

"What are you doing with Weezer?" Tristan plopped down in the chair.

"You know, Nonnie?" Weezer's smile was open.

Tristan nodded. Nonnie just said she knew Tristan from over the summer. Tristan almost smiled. But a part of him felt so sad. he didn't know why. Honestly, he didn't know what to do with this feeling. Yet he felt so tired and wished he'd called Jade long before now. Why hadn't he? He reached for his phone, but it was too late. She was already at the door with someone.

Tritan did his best not to notice. He didn't want to notice. He didn't know what to say either. It was like he was in a slip of time. Like maybe he wasn't really here.

They were both friendly to Nic and Mona. They talked about what was in the oven. Jade and that guy had made pumpkin pie together. How many pies had they made?

Tristan found himself straining to hear them talk, but he stayed put. He should have expected this to happen. Sooner or later. Didn't he want Jade to find someone?

Finally, she found Tristan and introduced him to Arizona.

"Maybe you've met before," Jade said. "He's like Mona's big brother."

Tristan couldn't help but glare. Yes, they'd met once, but he hadn't remembered him until now.


  1. Uy genial fragmento. Feliz día de acción de Gracias.

  2. Poor Tristan seems to be in a bit of a funk. And it seems like him recognizing Arizona means more trouble ahead: "Tristan couldn't help but glare. Yes, they'd met once, but he hadn't remembered him until now." This is such a good twist! Especially because Jade seems to be falling for Ari. I'm excited to see how this plays out!

    Very cool flower power graphic in the collage! 💛🎀💙


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